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Ambassador 2022

Valentina Luna Colella

When I received the acceptance letter from the ICSSS I did not expect it to be the most important event in my academic career. I spent an entire week with people from different backgrounds and interests that gave me many insights on how to improve my knowledge and skills.
It was an intense week, packed with insightful lectures and beautiful experiences and visits in interesting agencies. However there was also time for fun drinks with the social events and barbecues on the beach organised by the school.
The overall organisation was planned meticulously and the lectures were really interesting! Me and my group were in the NCIA challenge and although it was a really technical challenge, we managed to get through it and received a lot of positive feedbacks. The school also organised an HR meeting with different agencies and leading tech companies in the sector (such as NATO NCIA, EUROPOL, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton and many more); we had the chance to present ourselves and to listen to their different work views and what they were searching for. The overall experience was magnificent and I would totally recommend it; it can boost up your cv and your experience in the field and you can meet a lot of different people that can share their experience in the field.
I would totally advise to submit the application for the school!

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