The International Cyber Security Summer School (ICSSS) is an annual summer school, originally organised by NATO C&I Agency, Europol, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence Cyber Command, Leiden University and The Hague Security Delta. The first edition took place in 2015, starting with 40 students. Given the success, further editions of the Summer School have been hosted, allowing up to 63 students to participate in the program. 

Given the digitization of our society, cyber security is rising on the political agenda, as the consequences of attacks, incidents and security breaches are increasing. More and more organizations are confronted with viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing. In 2016 the Democratic National Committee was attacked by the Russian-sponsored cyber-espionage groups Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, possibly to assist the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. At the end of 2019, the Dutch University of Maastricht was completely shut down by a massive cyberattack. Criminals had linked hundreds of servers and backup systems, and in order to release everything, the University ended up paying 200.000 euros in Bitcoin. This year, before the war in Ukraine even started, at least six Russian hacker-groups, with close connections to the Kremlin, were responsible for 237 cyberattacks on Ukrainian targets, focused on vital infrastructure. Last week the 60 billion dollar company Uber was targeted by an 18-year-old, who had gained acces to almost all corporate information. The 18-year-old  was part of the ‘Lapsus$-group’, which consists of mostly young hackers. They infected the employees laptop with malware, stole his data and pretended to be from the company’s corporate IT-team, to pass the two-factor authentication.

The International Cyber Security Summer School allows students and young professionals to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of cyber security concepts, as they will learn about the latest developments and the cutting edge cyber security technologies that exist today. In previous editions, students received lectures and insiders’ perspectives from a variety of industry experts, working for Deloitte, Europol, NATO, the Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Secura, Chapter8 and Darktrace. 

Application criteria

To be eligible for this program, you should fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have the nationality of (a) an EU Member state, (b) a NATO member state, and/or (c) a member state of NATO’s Partnership for Peace programme.
  • You are (a) a PhD student, (b) in the final year of your Master’s or (c) a young professional. 
  • You have a technical, policy and/or law related background
  • You have an updated Curriculum Vitae
  • You are motivated to take this course, which is expressed in a letter of motivation

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee
€ 425,-

The tuition fee includes:

  • All reading material
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Goodie Bag
  • Social events e.g., BBQ’s, lunches and networking drinks.  

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about the Summer School from a student’s perspectives, contact one of our ambassadors!

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Course Information 2022

In August 2022 63 Master- and PhD-students and young professionals came together to participate in the International Cyber Security Summer School. Their knowledge of behaviour in Cyberspace, the understanding and visualization of the Cyberthreat landscape, and of Cybercrime as a service was broadened through engaging workshops and lectures with the latest development in relation to cyber security.

They gained first-hand experience with working in the international domain of cyber security. The six-day program was filled with interesting lectures on the topics mentioned above, insiders’ perspectives, challenging group assignments and fun social activities.



ICSSS 2021 included the following group challenges:

  • “The One Trillion Euro Heist: The tale about how a Secured facility infrastructure got heist.” Given by SecuredNow. 
  • A three-part challenge by The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) that taught students all about AI.
  • The Leiden University challenge: “Cyber Security and Human Rights: The Justice-by-Design path.” 
  • The Accenture Security Challenge, which gave students a preview of what’s it like to be a consultant in the security domain and working with Cloud Security in healthcare. 

ICSSS Alumni and Speakers Network

In order to “Organize value”, the organization of the International Cyber Security Summer School created an online platform for highly motivated current and future Cyber Security professionals who want to make cyberspace safer as well as to facilitate current and future International Cyber Security Summer School alumni to engage in active discussions and to help solve Cyber related challenges enterprises are facing nowadays. 

The International Cyber Security Summer School is an initiative of NATO Communications & Information AgencyEuropolThe Hague Security Delta and The Hague Municipality.

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