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Class of 2018

On the 19th – 24th August 2018, the fourth edition of the International Cyber Security Summer School (#ICSSS2018) took place in the City of The Hague. This event was organised via The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) providing an eclectic mix of organisations including the NCI Agency, Europol, The Hague Security Delta, EY and Leiden University. Having such a wide range of organisers enabled the summer school to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and access to talent in order to enhance our digital security.

ICSSS18 hosted a diverse multinational group of 60 students and young professionals from 21 countries. They followed classes, lectures and workshops on the most prevalent and current topics in cyber security. Over the six day course, individuals were challenged to work cohesively to find new solutions to make IT-enabled activities more secure.

Building Networks

With backgrounds in technology, policy and law, the 60 participants (chosen out of more than 150 applications) came together to learn about a much-needed multidisciplinary approach to cyber security. A crucial aspect of the International Cyber Security Summer School in The Hague is that the future cyber security experts who attended were brought into contact with current experts and professionals from some of the most experienced organisations in the field, creating the access to talent that is essential to many employers.

Organizations who were involved included: Dutch Innovation Factory, Thales, Certified Secure, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), ABN-AMRO, Secura, Palo Alto Networks, Arthur’s Legal and Rabobank as well as the aforementioned key organizers and with support of the municipalities of The Hague and Zoetermeer.  With various assignments from different companies, the employers tested, encouraged and pushed the participants into new and diverse areas.  

Challenging Assignments

To introduce the participants into the weekend, the European Commission provided a “serious game” – which helped individuals get to know one another as well as the immediate ability to assess each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the duration of the six days there were eight other challenges aside from the introductory one, which tested the participants and additionally broadened their horizons of understanding cybersecurity.



Missed the ICSSS2018? Check out the facts and figures sheet below for more info: