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Ambassador 2022

Stefano Milani

“ICSSS is a must for anyone interested in cybersecurity” seems like an anthem created ad-hoc to promote the ICSSS; however, I can not agree more. When I was searching for summer schools, I was a little sceptical. “Let’s follow those most probably boring courses and seminars. At least you will collect a good number of credits for the PhD”. But when I found the ICSSS and read the partners, I decided to take the shoot.

It turned out to be a perfect shot! During the six-day program, we gained insights into several aspects of cybersecurity, some of them unknown to me. I was pretty shocked when I learned that cybersecurity is not only cryptography and pen-testing … silly me.

I think that everyone who attended and organised the summer school agrees with me when I say that I really enjoyed the networking factor and the fabulous barbeques.

So, in six days, you will have fun, meet new people and maybe future colleagues, and hopefully, make new friends while learning new stuff! What else? (I know you read it with the George Clooney voice while drinking a coffee). Ah, regarding coffee … is terrible.

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